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Vacation Package includes:

  • 4-Night Stay at Rosen Inn International a Universal Partner Hotel
  • 3-Day Park-to-Park Ticket˄
  • Early Park Admission one hour before the theme park opens to one (1) Universal Orlando theme park as determined by Universal Orlando
  • Access to select live entertainment venues˄˄ at Universal CityWalk

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Black Friday is finally here.

Shop 5 of our best Mexico vacations and save up to $300.

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Booking Window: 11/2/15 – 11/30/15
Sailing Window: Select Sailings through December 31, 2016

Great Military rates plus free upgrades AND, bring up to two additional cabins at the same Military rates (Additional cabins must sail on the same sailing as the Military guest).  Call 800-381-1580 for more info

Thanksgiving Message

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Wishing you and your family the very best holiday ever.

We remember waking up to the delicious smells coming from the kitchen.  Turkey, Ham, Mac & Cheese, String Beans, Pies and more.  We often felt guilty to have so much and others so little.

What we regret most is that we didn’t travel often on family vacations.  We did have a two week stint in Atlantic City every year but for the most part we stayed at home as a family.  At Zenbiz Travel, as we book travel for our clients, many of who have become a part of the Zenbiz family we realize the importance of having family memories from travel experiences.  No matter where you are together in any part of the world what matters most is the good times and memories.  Today traveling together is easier than ever.  The key is to plan ahead.

Travel Memories stay with you forever.  We encourage you all to discuss, over these upcoming celebratory weeks, a family & friends getaway/reunion just for fun.  It can be hard work but in the end it will be well worth it.  Zenbiz Travel will help coordinate everything for you.

Here are some options to choose from:
  • Rent a villa – There are beautiful villas all over the world.  They can range from a two bedroom bungalow to a 18 bedroom estate in the hills of Tuscany.

  • Plan a cruise – Probably the easiest way to plan a family/friends vacation.  Little risk as far as deposits and payments and no worries about cooking, cleaning or entertainment. Cruises are priced to accommodate a large range of budgets and people.

  • All-Inclusive – Another easy way to bring families together.  They offer many of the same benefits as group cruises however you will stay in one location.

  • Staycations – Explore America.  Pick a location where you call can be together and host events to be remembered.

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Flying in Comfort

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If you fly often here are 5 tips we are sure most people already do.

> Sign up for airline mileage programs. Many airlines offer credit cards and give 30k -40k miles a bonus and free bag check and priority boarding. Always use you mileage numbers when boarding

> As soon as your ticket is paid for go to the airline website and choose your seats. You may also consult to reviews of seats on specific flights

> If you are flying coach domestically bring snacks on board. Man

The Fastest Way Through Customs Is With Your Phone

What if we told you there is a way (a completely free way) to bypass the lines at immigration and customs when re-entering the U.S. at select airports—and all you needed was your smartphone?

The secret is no secret at all, but a downloadable app available to both iPhone and Android users via theApple App Store and Google Play Store that allows users to enter their passport and travel information, submit it electronically, and generate a receipt to show at customs and immigration checkpoints. It’s calledMobile Passport and its technology eliminates the need for traditional forms and line waits. The catch is…there is no catch. The app, launched in 2014 by Airside Mobile and Airports Council International-North America (ACI-NA) in partnerships with Customs and Border Protection (CBP), is free to download and free to use. Entirely separate from the paid Global Entry program, Mobile Passport boasts a speed and ease that has Global Entry users eating its dust.  READ MORE

Discover Venice

Your adventure in Venice, Italy starts with MSC Cruises. The city of romance, endless canals and waterways, and history and culture is waiting to be explored by you and your family on one of our exciting shore excursions. And with our ALL IN promotion, there is no better time to visit Venice, Italy. Includes:

FREE drink package

FREE dining for two in premium restaurant

Up to $600 shipboard credit


$100 Shipboard Credit
$200 Shipboard Credit, 20 Drink Vouchers
$400 Shipboard Credit*, 20 Drink Vouchers
& Dinner for two in a premium restaurant*
$500 Shipboard Credit*, Unlimited Beverages &
Dinner for two in a premium restaurant*
$600 Shipboard Credit*, Unlimited Beverages
& Unlimited Private Dining in the MSC Yacht Club
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