Zenbiz Travel, LLC is a special kind of travel company, an affiliate of KHM Travel Group, that not only manages travel arrangements for groups and individuals but also offers media, event management and promotion services.  Earlier in his career it’s Principal, Laurence Pinckney worked in various positions in the music industry with some of the worlds biggest entertainers.  “Balance Life with Leisure their motto.”

What does that mean? Turn your vacation into an event to remember. Now you are the producer. Whether it is a trip with 8 of your closest friends, wedding arrangements, class or family reunion we make it happen. Over experience in event production and management over the last 30 years gives us the edge you want. We help you “Balance Life with Leisure.”

Zenbiz Travel Team




The ZBT Team

President/CEO  – Laurence Pinckney
Travel Advisor – Leslie Pinckney
Travel Advisor – Annie Royster

Regional Associates
Tebogo Donald Ntlapo – South Africa
Terry Moore – Barbados
Anthony Montgomery – Dominican Republic

Media Consultant – MEGA Personalities

CPA – Deans Archer Associates

Creative Designers
Zenbiz Travel
Katrina Simpson

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