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  1. Who needs a tourist visa?
  2. What do you need to bring to the Consulate to apply for a visa?
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Visas for tourist groups
  5. Visa requirements for minors (under 18 years of age)
  6. Notes

Note – Please check the General Conditions for applying for a visa to Brazil.

1. Who needs a tourist visa?

Travelers visiting Brazil for one of the following purposes need a tourist visa in order to enter the country:

  1. on tourism: for a temporary stay, without the intent to immigrate or to perform paid activities;
  2. for art contests or sports competitions: provided that no payment is received from sources in Brazil and that there are no admission fees to the event;
  3. for scientific or technological conferences, seminars and congresses: for scientists, professors, researchers and other professionals, provided that no payment is received from sources in Brazil (except for reimbursement for hotel and travel expenses or per diems).

Citizens of certain countries do not need a tourist visa when traveling for the purposes above. Please see here if citizens of your country require a tourist visa. Please note that U.S. citizens need a visa to enter Brazil.


2. What do you need to bring to the Consulate to apply for a visa?

Please have the following documents submitted to the Consulate on behalf of each applicant:

  • the applicant’s passport, valid for at least 6 months, with at least one blank visa page available;
  • the printed receipt page (with barcode) of the online visa application form; this receipt must be signed by the passport holder (or his parents or legal guardian) and the photo must be glued on the appropriate box (please fill out the form as completely as possible);
  • one recent 2″ x 2″ passport photo of the applicant, front view, white background (please glue the photo onto the receipt page – see above; note that snapshots and computer pictures are not accepted);
  • a copy of your round-trip ticket or a booked itinerary showing travel to and from Brazil (confirming the purchase of the ticket, with passenger’s name, itinerary, flight number and arrival/departure dates);
  • a copy of the U.S. Alien Resident Card for foreign residents and/or a valid visa or document to return from Brazil to the US or to another country;
  • for minors (under 18 years of age), see below; and
  • proof of residence (driver’s license, utility bill).

The Consulate may request additional information or documentation as deemed necessary.

*For the non-Brazilian adult child/minor child of a Brazilian parent (click here Statement of Non-Registration)

3. How much does it cost?

  • Tourist visa fees vary according to the nationality of the passport holder:
    • United States: USD 160.00, charged in reciprocity for an identical fee paid by Brazilian citizens who apply for a tourist visa to the U.S.;
    • Algeria: USD 60.00;
    • Australia: USD 35.00;
    • Angola: USD 100.00;
    • Canada: USD 65.00;
    • Japan: USD 25.00;
    • Mexico: USD 30.00;
    • Nigeria: USD 65.00;
    • United Arab Emirates: USD 55.00;
    • all other remaining countries: USD 20.00.
  • An additional fee of USD 20.00 will be charged for any application not submitted in person by the applicant, regardless of nationality. This additional fee is not applicable to family members.
  • No cash, personal or company checks are accepted, only U.S. Postal Service Money Order, made out to the Consulate General of Brazil (nearby Post Office at Grand Central, 450 Lexington Ave. at 45th Street).


4. Visas for Tourist Groups

  • Processing time: five to eight business days at least.


5. Additional visa requirements for minors (under 18 years of age)

  • Both parents must sign the receipt page in the appropriate signature box.
  • The original and one copy of birth certificate must be presented;
  • A notarized visa consent letter for minor children must be presented, signed by both parents.
  • For the Brazilian parent of a non-Brazilian minor child (click here Statement of Non-Registration)


6. Notes

  • Tourist visas are usually good for multiple entries.
  • The Brazilian Government decides at its own discretion the type of visa to be granted.
  • The Consulate may request additional information or documentation, as deemed necessary.

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