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Fall is here. What are you going to do now?

Banner_WaltDisneyWorldIf you are like me a sort of depression comes at the end of the vacation.  I start thinking of all of the things that await at the other end of that plane ride or cruise dock.  A few years back I figured out a way that works for me.  As soon as I finish one trip I am thinking about where will I go next.  It gives me something to look forward too.


I try to book my vacations and group 6months to 12 months in FBHeadadvance.  Why?  It gives us more time to pay, better selection of cabins or accommodations, better prices on vacation and more time to get excited about our next trip.  If it is a couple or an individual the results might be slightly different.  You may get last minute sales but since we have noticed the increase in overall travel I am seeing that benefit less and less.

_98E0234Finally, the best way to save is to travel when school is in session.  Everything goes up when the youth are out of school.  By planning ahead you can sometimes talk to the school officials who would be more than open to a special project for enrichment.   Try it.  We know for a fact that children who travel have a better perspective on the world and see me achieve more.

So what are you doing now?  Remember to balance life with leisure.

L. Pinckney
C.E.O. of Zenbiz Travel, LLC