Give Mother’s the Gift of Travel

Give Mother’s the Gift of Travel

Happy-mothers-day-5I remember the many trips we took with my mother growing up.  Those trips included the week stay in Atlantic City, NJ, the 1968 World’s Fair in NYC where we stayed at the elegant Hotel Astor, trips to see the Great White Hope, Purlie and Golden Boy on Broadway.  Wherever we went those memories stayed with me.

Unfortunately my mother died very young.  Thankfully we have all those memories to reflect on.  At Zenbiz Travel we believe that travel is one of the greatest gifts one can give to children and seniors.  Sometimes it take awhile to gather the financing but that is okay because in the end it is well worth it.

Let us help you plan your next family getaway.  You will receive as much joy from the planning and anticipation as you will on the vacation.  Have a wonderful day.

Some ideas for family travel:

Hard Rock Resorts

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Villas Around the World

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I formed this agency to assist travelers enjoy the process of planning their vacations. When I was only 6 years old I traveled by steam engine from Philadelphia to New York City and stayed at the Hotel Astor. The magic of that moment has never faded, and it's my passion to create those same kinds of experiences for each one of my clients. While group travel can be one of the most exciting and fun-filled ways to see the world, all those moving parts require intricate and often complex itineraries. Far beyond the typical group travel planning that simply oversees flight arrangements and airport transfers, the group excursions I book are true full-service events designed to help create memories that you'll treasure for decades to come. I've escorted groups totaling more than 100 people, working hard to ensure those memories are the stuff of legend. I have sailed on Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, MSC Cruise and Royal Caribbean and that stayed at some of the best hotels and all inclusive resorts around.

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