Everyone loves their friends and family sometimes that is until it comes to money matters.  Planning a group trip to an exotic destination, a cruise or a villa vacation is so exciting in the beginning but once it comes time to collect payments it can be a challenge.  That is one of the reasons to hire a travel and event professions to assist in the process.  Zenbiz Travel has assisted many groups of family and friends in putting their vacation together.  Here are some tips that we have found useful in creating a successful travel group vacation.  Download Group Request Form.

1. Choose a group organizer. Everyone wants to be the boss but a successful event

2. Designate roles and tasks. The group leader should make a list of the things that must be done in order to get the trip planned. The leader can then ask for volunteers or designate those tasks to other group members to break up the work. There should be a deadline for each of the tasks. If the task isn’t done by that time then the group leader can take over the task’s completion.


images3. Make a list of concerns. Ask everyone to make a list of concerns and needs before the trip is planned. Each traveler will have needs that the others may not think about. One may require vegetarian-friendly restaurants, another may be concerned about the safety of a hotel and yet another may absolutely hate taking early red eye flights. Of course, there may have to be some compromise but it’s a lot easier to accommodate everyone’s little peccadilloes if you get a big list of them before planning the vacation.

4. Use a planning guide to organize your trip. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Other groups have planned the same types of trips that you’re planning and have worked out the kinks. Use other people’s trip guides to get you started on your group travel plans. See trip planning guide examples here.

Brazilzbtweb5. Length of Trip – This is a very important factor in a successful group trip.  Many working people have a difficult time taking a 10 day vacation.  To maximize the amount of people that can attend keep in mind that shorter vacations may bring more people.  You could plan a 7 day getaway or a 10 day trip to Europe or a 7 or 10 day cruise.  Depending of the time of travel money can be save by traveling during off peak times.

6. Break Times. Schedule times for the group to break apart during the trip. When putting together your group itinerary, make sure that you leave ch. nks of time for the group to easily break apart. This allows everyone in the group to do some of the things that they want to do but the rest of the group doesn’t. It also breaks up any in-group tension by giving everyone a break from one another if they want it.

7. Plan your restaurant meals in advance. Large groups may have trouble finding restaurants that can accommodate them without warning. If your group will be eating together at restaurants then you should plan in advance and research online to find out which restaurants can meet your needs. Make reservations as needed. If you need to get an unplanned restaurant meal either break into smaller groups or look for pizza joints, buffets and other spots that are group-friendly.

8. Avoid splitting into same-age groups. Don’t assume that the kids will have the most fun if they spend time with their cousins. They may actually enjoy hanging out with their grandparents. Of course, there are exceptions to this. For example, the kids might like to run off together to the hotel’s game room and the young adults may head to the hotel bar together. Nevertheless, don’t assume that same-age activities make for the most fun during group travel.

9. Use a group travel planning site to stay organized. The easiest way to make sure that everyone has access to the trip’s information is to put it in one place online. There are travel planning websites specifically designed to facilitate both the planning and sharing of information. TripIt is a good example to start with.

zenbiz-card-front-WEB10. Be flexible. It should go without saying but it is worth mentioning because it’s so important. The more flexible that you can be during the trip, the more you’ll have fun regardless of what’s going on with the rest of the group.


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