Magical Brazil – 2016

Magical Brazil – 2016

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Feb. 19-20 Pre-Cruise
Cruise – 21 – 27, 2016
from Rio de Janeiro
Porting in Buzios, Salvador, Llheus & Rio De Janeiro Brazil
Until you have experience Brazil you have no idea what you are missing.  We will start out in the city that movies are made about, Rio de Janeiro where the people are beautiful, the music is emotional, the parties continue, the beaches are amazing and the food is tantalizing!  Spend a pre-cruise with us in Rio before we depart for the other amazing ports of call.  The Lirica ship offers a different type of cruise.  This is a European cruise line that does things a little differently.  Multiple languages are spoken on the ship and they consider it a Spanish emersion cruise.   Ready to explore a different cruising?  This will give you something to talk about.    Salvador is rich in cultural history.  The place where the slave children were left before the slave travels continued to the Americas.  When you think of Black Culture we can think of no other city outside of Africa that illustrates so much history.   Here is more info on Buzios & IIheus.  Remember your visa lasts for 10 years so you can go back again and again.  We are sure you will.

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